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SCFN is an ecommerce website that is marketed by NASCAR Teams looking for a way to create B to B Sponsorship Transaction.


The Clubhouse is SCFN’s version of Facebook for race fans. Each member has their own individual account and they are required to join a team.

Speed Dating is the dating site for race fans. It’s a faster track to finding the right one for you! Meet people who, just like you, are racing fans searching for someone to share what they enjoy in life, as well as a way in which to truly connect.

Speed Dating
Champions' Marketplace

Champion’s Marketplace, the shopping mall that allows fans to support team and track sponsors while appealing to prospective sponsors.

Stock Car Stats is Your Racing Reference. Here you’ll be able to learn all about the drivers, cars, tracks, and more.

Stock Car Stats
Stock Car Scene Daily

SCFN Media Group

The media section of the site is made up of SCFN TV and Stock Car Scene Daily.

SCFN TV is a five-station streaming network that presents news, entertainment, historic, and reality programming.

Stock Car Scene Daily provides daily news and featured articles on the teams, drivers, tracks, and sanctioning bodies that make-up stock car racing.

The 200 MPH Entertainment Group

Currently, we provide two game areas for the entertainment of race fans. We have Speed-Cade, a video arcade, featuring racing video games. In-the-Draft is a fantasy racing game with a twist.

Stock Car Coin

SCFN Affiliated Race Teams & Award Groups

This group is the background of the community. Through this group you affiliate with your favorite driver, team owner or track owner. You earn rewards for performing certain tasks on the site and you socialize with like-minded fans and participants.