Welcome to the 200 MPH Entertainment Group. Currently, we provide two game areas for the entertainment of race fans. We have Speed-Cade, a video arcade, featuring racing video games. In-the-Draft is a fantasy racing game with a twist.


Speed-Cade is a video arcade filled with various racing games. For now, the games are all store-bought, but we are working on some exciting original games that should be released in February of 2021. Just in time for the Daytona 500! These games include Live Racing: a video game where you, the player, are inserted into the video of a real race. You get to race the real drivers as the race is in progress. Another upcoming is a game where you and your friends get together to race each other alongside real drivers we intermix from filmed events.

In-the-Draft is a fantasy racing game offering weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly fantasy games – all rolled into one. The top ten for each week, month, quarter, and year-end championship will receive pay-outs in Stock Car Coin. The unique thing about our fantasy game is that your team consists of 15 drivers, but one driver must be from each of the 15 NASCAR divisions. The eligible drivers are listed in the Stock Car Scene Daily.