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NASCAR is my true #1 passion. I grew up on Long Island, New York at a time when Long Island was home to 6 racetracks. I became interested in race cars at a young age. My Grandparents owned a restaurant on eastern Long Island near the Bridgehampton Race Circuit. Often times after a race, race teams with their race cars in tow would stop to eat at the restaurant. I was always in awe of the race cars. On one occasion I had the opportunity to meet NASCAR Hall of Famer Ned Jarrett who let me sit in his race car.  That was it I was a NASCAR fan for life, and it became my passion and my dream to become a professional in the sport of stock car racing. At the age of 14 my uncle an auto mechanic and repair shop owner and a parts sponsor for a friend who owned a race car introduced me to the friend. His friend a man named Carl Zeh invited me to work with him on his race team. I worked and toured with the team and had the good fortune of being with the team for 12 championship seasons. The feeling of being a part of those 12 championships cemented my passion for racing and instilled the dream of someday having my own race team. After serving in the U.S. Air Force, I attended college at the University of New Haven in Connecticut and earned a BS degree in Sport Management as well as an MS degree in Finance. I am also working on a doctorate  degree in Entrepreneurship.

Subsequently, given my educational background and long interest in the sport I had the opportunity to do some consulting work with NASCAR teams on the business side of their operations (locally and nationally). I began to see that teams were having problems securing sponsors. I noted that the cost of sponsorships increased from $2 to $6 million to $15 to $30 million. Board of Directors no longer saw that the corporate logo on the side of a race car as  brand building exercises, they started looking for the ROI on their investment. The problem seemed to be that there was no way of quantifying a return. My research led me to the conclusion that the solution to this problem is to use a tool to not only sell the sponsors products but to also tap into NASCAR’s famous fan loyalty to sponsors products and offer rewards to the fans for purchasing products directly from the teams. As a result, data could be gathered to quantify returns and the same platform can be used to help bring new sponsors into the world of NASCAR. Even a Mom and Pop business could benefit. By starting out being a $5,000 sponsor for a Home Track Team, a Mom and Pop could build their business through the platform and move up the ranks. This my research led me to create Stock Car Fan Nation.

I believe that the potential exist within NASCAR to build a multimillion-dollar business. This in turn would help me achieve my lifetime goal of owning a top-level NASCAR Monster Cup Series Team.

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