I have a question for NASCAR and Bubba Wallace what have you done for the families of the 52% of all murders in the United States committed by the Blacks over the last 150 years? Do you think that is racism? Do you think that is ok? Do you think blacks should just get a free pass because Democrats once held them as salves? So, what are you saying NASCAR and Bubba its ok that your are the biggest group of murders in this country? Kill as many whites as you wish, we do not care, just do not kill a black because then it is wrong. No, it is not alright that anyone is killed by Police or Blacks. It is also not alright that the truth is not faced, and the biggest perpetrator of murder blame it on everything but reality. If Bubba Wallace and NASCAR want to make it better they would start a campaign of truth.
So, what would be a campaign of truth? To start with the fact that it has nothing to do with the claim of Democrats that this country is racists. When you have the criminal background of the black culture you are not going to be trusted period. Second the black culture needs to get it out of their heads that anyone owes them a thing. If blacks are owed for slavery it is the Democrats that owe them. No Republican ever owned a salve. Republicans fought for and gave their lives to free the salves. All major civil rights bills starting with the 14 & 15 Amendments were the product of Republican Administration. In fact, the Civil Rights Bill of 1866 was veto by Democratic President and overridden by a Republican Congress. Even the most famous amendment to the 1866 Civil Rights bill the 1964 amendment was supported by 83% of Republican in Congress and only 62% of Democrats without the majority support by Republicans the bill would not have passed. Jim Crow, Segregation, the KKK these were all products of the Democrats. The third thing is personal responsibility.
This may be the biggest thing for blacks to lean. You are responsible for your action and only you. It is the blacks responsibility to reach out to teacher in school when they are having problems. It is the blacks responsibility to find ways to go to trade schools and get a marketable trade. In this country you are paid for your value to a company and nothing else. You and not society are responsible to support your family. You must make the sacrifices to better yourself not the taxpayer, not other students, not the Police, you. You must take the responsibility when someone offers, and you say you will be there to receive their help in bettering yourself nothing else matters you show up. These are the things that have made the other 87% of this country prosper not the blame game or looking for a handout. I ask the black Americans where has that gotten you? I will tell it has made you into a culture of criminal and degenerates that are not trusted by anyone else including the Democrats. The Democrats in slaved you and still have you in slaved. When Democrats first in slaved, you it was for your labor now it is for your votes. The Democrats know you will believe every lie they tell you if they provided you with freebees.
As for NASCAR and Bubba Wallace if you genuinely want to make a difference removing the Confederate Flag will not make a difference, suspending Kyle Larson will not make a difference. The only way to make a difference is with the truth. The Black Culture needs to take the fourth step of the 12 Step program a fearless moral inventory. I am willing to help but only if we start with the truth the problem is not racism the problem is behavior of the Black Culture and the lying Democrats the creators of the prejudice that lead to an immoral culture.

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