Welcome to the Clubhouse! This is where fans, drivers, teams and track officials come together in one place. At Stock Car Fan Nation, we are one community, both the fans and the super stars, passionate about the sport of stock car racing.

The Clubhouse is a social site where SCFN members can communicate with fellow fans, drivers, team owners, and track officials about the latest race, breaking news or anything that comes up in the world of stock car racing. Fans can post, comment, rate and review in the Clubhouse in order to earn Stock Car Coin, which holds a value of $1 per coin to be used on any part of the SCFN website and even to purchase race tickets. (Please note that Stock Car Coins cannot be exchanged for cash.)

As a member, you have created your own individual account and now, you will need to join a team. The teams are led by drivers, race team owners and track owners. You choose which team you wish to be part of within the Clubhouse platform.

Do you choose based on your favorite driver, your favorite team, or your favorite track? Choose wisely. This is your designated team on which to build. Your team leader becomes your racing mentor. Each team is tasked with growing itself and in turn, growing the sport itself. (Mic drops.)

Team meet and greets will be amazing. Once per week, leaders will host a video chat with members of their own team. That’s right, you will have an opportunity for a video chat with your driver, team owner or track owner. In addition, you as a member get rewarded at the same time a team leader earns. Team leaders earn commission and sponsorships of varied levels through their members’ activities, such as purchases and SCFN subscriptions. That means every time a leader earns; you get Stock Car Coin. That can really add up. Check out the Stock Car Coin earning stats below.

Stock Car Coin is a reward system. Each time you complete one of the following tasks, you will be awarded a certain amount of Stock Car Coin. The coins can be used to purchase anything that is for sale on the SCFN site. (Remember, each coin is equal to one US dollar.)

• Time spent on website: 6 coins for each active hour

• Each post: 2 coins

• Each comment: 2 coins

• Each review: 2 coins

• Each rating: 2 coins

• Write a blog article: 25 coins

• Purchases in Champions Marketplace: 10% of purchase amount

• Premium Membership purchase: 10% of purchase amount

Fantasy Game purchase: 10% of purchase amount

• Recruit a new member: 10% of their earning or purchase

We expect members to invite their friends to join. Especially those who are not currently race fans. We encourage members to recruit their friends to buy a yearly grocery subscription, and invite them to a race. They can even purchase race tickets together with their Stock Car Coins. This introduces new race fans to other seasoned fans, creating friendships from those they meet at the track. It helps new fans to learn more about the sport and supports your chosen team. By increasing your fan base and membership network, you will increase your enjoyment of the sport. Your member perks will grow faster too.

Do you follow the NASCAR weekly racing series? Which is your favorite home track? Is it Arca Menards or Whelen Modified? Do you have a favorite international track, such as Pinty’s, Whelen Euro or Peak Mexico? Whether you’re all in for National Championships or a modified tour, the Clubhouse is the place for race fans. The Social Spot, in conjunction with the Clubhouse, also offers a dating site for race fans. We call it Speed Dating because it’s a fast track to meeting the right person for you, who shares a passion for the same thing. Anything on the SCFN website, such as the Social Spot, earns you Stock Car Coin. It’s a win in every way. So, get ready…and go.

About Us: Stock Car Fan Nation is a community of stock car racing fans, providing everything for the racing lifestyle. Our website offers free membership to Stock Car Fan Nation and features: Social Spot, Champions Marketplace, SCFN Media Group, The 200 MPH Entertainment Group, and the SCFN Affiliated Race Teams & Awards Group. The goal of SCFN, through the NASCAR Fan community is to solve the problems facing NASCAR’s short tracks as well as give NASCAR fans what they are currently seeking from the sport.

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