Welcome to SCFN Affiliated Race Teams & Rewards Group. This group is the background of the community. Through this group you affiliate with your favorite driver, team owner or track owner. You earn rewards for performing certain tasks on the site and you socialize with like-minded fans and participants.

SCFN Affiliated Race Teams

Each member is affiliated with their choice of a driver, team owner or track owner when they register. This makes them a member of that person’s race team. This gives the person, who we call a team leader, the chance to get to know you through our weekly meetings and other special events. You, the member, also help the team leader receive sponsorship monies to run their race team or their racetrack. Each time you complete one of the tasks to receive a reward, they are equally rewarded.

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Stock Car Coins

Stock Car Coin is a reward system. Each time you complete one of the following tasks, you will be awarded a certain amount of Stock Car Coin. The coins can be used to purchase anything that is for sale on the SCFN site. Each coin is equal to one US dollar. 
Tasks to earn Stock Car Coin:

  • Time spent on website: 6 coins for each active hour
  • Each post: 2 coins
  • Each comment: 2 coins
  • Each review: 2 coins
  • Each rating: 2 coins
  • Write a blog article: 25 coins
  • Purchases in Champions Marketplace: 10% of purchase amount
  • Premium Membership purchase: 10% of purchase amount
  • Fantasy Game purchase: 10% of purchase amount
  • Recruit a new member: 10% of their earning or purchase
  • See In-the-Draft for pay-out for top 10 finishes
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