Welcome to SCFN Media Group. The media section of the site is made up of SCFN TV and Stock Car Scene Daily. The goal of the media section is to keep you informed about the latest news, provide interaction between you, the fan, and the industry insiders. Open up the true personality of the drivers, owners, promotors and extend the race day experience!

Stock Car Scene Daily

Stock Car Scene Daily provides daily news and featured articles on the teams, drivers, tracks, and sanctioning bodies that make-up stock car racing. There is daily news, real-time updates, and race reports, starting with practices and ending with a recap of the outcome of all of NASCAR’s 15 divisions. Also find team, driver and track press releases, featured articles, history and background on where they are today as well as reports on the outcomes of their latest race. The paper also offers journalism students the chance to cover the local weekly racing series, tracks and drivers.

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SCFN TV is a five-station streaming network that presents news, entertainment, historic, and reality programming geared to increase fan knowledge, extend the track experience, keep the fan informed of the latest news, and create a bond between the up and coming participants. SCFN TV will entertain the fans with racing shows, movies and documentaries.

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