This is Speed Dating. While it is not a meet-up where you are timed in your introductions and awkwardly move around the room, it is a fast track to finding the one for you. At Stock Car Fan Nation, we are one community, both the fans and the super stars, passionate about the sport of stock car racing. Speed Dating is a part of our Social Spot where fans come together in one place to find their soulmate.

Your life becomes more complete when you find that special person, who shares your values. Life becomes extraordinary when that someone is also a race fan, passionate about the same driver. Find that person here on Speed Dating. Meet people who, just like you, are racing fans searching for someone to share what they enjoy most in life, as well as a way in which to truly connect.

Becoming a member of this community dedicated to stock car racing fans, means that you know the person you’re meeting will share a common passion in auto racing. This is a starting point in learning if you share the same values and other interests, which is not uncommon for people with a similar passion. The closer your values, the more compatible you and your significant other will be. The true element that makes a relationship work is shared values. For example, if you think it is wrong for a driver to wreck another driver to win the race, and your significant other thinks that it is simply a part of the sport, you most likely are not compatible. To put it in racing terms, if you are a Martin Truex fan and your significant other is a Joey Logano fan, your relationship is most likely not going to work.

How do you feel about Cole Custer, or Christopher Bell? What are your predictions for Tyler Reddick? Who is going to drive the #48 car in 2021? Have you both been watching iRacing? At SCFN, we help you get to the heart of the matter much faster! (Speed Dating, explained. You’re welcome.)

Some interesting stats from 2020 on dating sites are as follows:

  • 1 in 5 relationships begin online.
  • A little over 1 in 6 marriages begin online. (That’s about 17% of marriages and 20% of relationships that began on dating sites.)
  • 64% of people who use online dating sites are looking for someone with whom they share a common interest. Common interest relationships have proven to be the most successful!

So, what are you waiting for? Click to our dating portal and get started.

Perk alert: Your activities throughout SCFN, even on Speed Dating, will earn you Stock Car Coin.

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